Callie, the Studio Dog: 6 month update!

Hello creative friends!

Today I thought I would show you some pics of my studio companion, Callie.
I can hardly believe she is 6 months old!

She has gone from this little snuggle bug…

To THIS!!!

And in the process, she has added tremendous joy and energy to our household.

Here are some photos from along the way. Enjoy!

She does seem to spend a lot of time upside down… 🙂
         First haircut! So pretty!

That’s it for now! Till next time…

~R & Callie

“Moody Blue” Soft Pastel Painting

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog.

Today I have my latest soft pastel painting and progress shots. I don’t have a lot of progress photos for this one, as I  got carried away and before I knew it, I was making final marks! 🙂

I started this painting on Pastelmat after doing some fun acrylic ink underpaintings.
Here is the underpainting….

Acrylic Ink underpainting

 I started by sketching and blocking in in a VERY BASIC way…

Sketch-in with Nupastel



 Pretty far in the process in this next photo:

Developing the sky and tree…


“Blue Day” Assorted Soft Pastels on Pastelmat, 4×4 in

 Hope you enjoy this one. Let me know what you think or what you are working on!

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Thanks for taking a peek!

Stay creative!