Art Apps in the New Year!

Hello Creative Friends! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Blows noise maker and throws confetti into the air….)

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions, per se; however, I do practice a fair amount of reflection on each year as it passes and a new one arrives. 

I think of it as a healthy way to take stock, look at what has been working and what hasn’t, what my priorities have been and how they might need shifting, and just generally develop a mindset of being grateful and present in my own life!

One way I do this is to make a slide show on my desktop computer of all of my favorite artworks I have created up to the present. It’s a simple way to see my work all in one place, like my own digital art gallery!

Another way I take stock is to take time to change out the wall art in my home/studio, incorporating newer favorite pieces, but leaving up older ones that help me see how I have hopefully grown as an artist. In this way, I can literally SEE how I’ve spent my creative time over the year.

But let’s be honest. Any year in review will probably reveal that there were also challenges involving our creative efforts.

A big challenge for me in 2018 was just finding the time to make art. Part of that was because we changed how we homeschool our daughter and we were finding ourselves tied to a computer 6 or 7 hours each day “doing school.”


After a quick course correction and a return to the way we used to homeschool, life came into a little more balance, but I still found myself struggling with making time for art.

So, I have decided that this year I will begin a new practice using some art apps to help me create thumbnail sketches! Hopefully, they will put the fun back into the pre-painting planning stage and save me time when I actually sit down to paint (fingers crossed….) 🙂

I will be focusing on two main apps: Brushes Redux and iPastels.
Both are available in the App Store as free versions, though a few more features are available for iPastels for $4.99.

As I move forward into this year, I hope to be sharing the thumbnails I create. More about that in a future post. 
I will also probably share some video in the future showing how I use these apps.

Until then, you might do some of your own reflecting. What is going well in your creative world? What needs tweaking? What could you do less of? More of? 

Whatever it is, Creative Friends, 

Do more of that!

Till next time….



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