Pastel ColorPlay Project #7

Hello Everyone! ColorPlay #7 is here.  

I will keep this particular post brief, as it deals with the same color scheme as in my last post.

I find that sometimes it is easier NOT to put away the pastels I used for my most recent painting, and I use them again.  

So this time I decided to try out a new paper for me….

     UART DARK 500


I am used to working on UART’s lighter sanded paper which is actually a sand color.  It comes in a variety of grits from a very toothy 240 all the way up to a very fine 800.  The higher grits are probably better for things like animal portraits or subjects which require a lot of detail.  I typically use the 400 grit for my landscape paintings.

UART DARK is a 500 grit, so a little finer than I am used to working on, but not vastly different from the 400.

What I love most about this dark sandpaper is how it makes the pastel colors look so vibrant!  

In the image above, you can see how the darkest violet of my palette “pops” against the dark of the paper.


My intent for this ColorPlay was to use an Analogous Complementary color scheme using yellow, orange, green, and red-violet; however, this particular exercise turned out to be much more of a Complementary color scheme focused around the red-violets and greens.  Very minor use of the other colors….




This might be one piece I pull out again in the future to do a little more with, as it feels a little “unfinished” to me; however, I am itching to do some more painting and posting about some of the pieces I haven’t had time to share!


So until next time….stay creative and colorful!


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