Pastel ColorPlay Project #1

Hello fellow creatives!

Today is the day.  Time to post my first color experiment of the Pastel ColorPlay Project.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to live through #1!  (Remember, I was skeered…!)

So there I was.  I had all of my supplies ready.  My chosen paper and thumbnail sketches were taped to my easel.  I had decided on my color scheme and preselected my palette.  I had music playing in the background.  I was ready.

It was now or never….I took a deep breath and remembered my intention: PLAY WITH COLOR!



 For my first colorplay, I chose a scheme and colors I don’t usually use.  Might as well jump in at the deep end, right?

I selected a Triadic scheme with the 3 hues of blue green, red violet, and yellow orange.  
(Not to be confused with green blue, violet red, and orange yellow….but I digress.)


For paper, I jumped out of the pan and into the fire once more by choosing my old nemesis, Canson Mi-Teintes.  I have always had a hate-hate relationship with this paper, but I have to say that today’s experiment made me hate it a little less.  

I was very careful to start with harder pastels on this paper since it doesn’t hold as many layers as the sanded papers I am used to. 
Here is the line drawing and you can see the 5 values I chose for each hue tested on a scrap of my paper. 



I am surprised at how much I actually LIKE how this turned out!  For colors I would never have chosen to put together, it’s very fantasy-looking.

I also got some extra practice on a paper I have never really ever had success with–SCORE!


I hope you enjoyed this first posting of my project.  I look forward to posting more ColorPlays, though I still have to decide if I am going to post them individually, or as groupings.  

Thanks for taking the time to read about my project!

Now go get creative with color!


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